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    For all enquiries, contact Eileen Brown, convenor of the Coalition, on (04) 802 3813. Email us here. Media spokesperson: Angela McLeod, on (027) 497-2761

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News & Media

Media releases by the Coalition or its members, and links to news coverage.

News and updates
News updates on pay equity issues from both the Coalition, and several of our members, are included down the right-hand side of this website, and archived in full in the blog page.

You can subscribe to the Pay Equity Challenge Coalition’s RSS feed here, or enter your email address in the ‘Stay in touch’ panel on the left, and receive an email each time we update our news page.

Pay Equity Challenge Coalition in the news

Feb 3, 2014.  Angela McLeod speaks to Marcus Lush Breakfast on the pay equity high court case (RadioLIVE)
April 22, 2014. Pay equity advocate says more needs to be done (Newstalk ZB).

October 15, 2013.  Boys get paid more pocket money (NZ Herald).
October 5, 2013.  No change in gender pay gap (One News Online)
October 5, 2013. More needs to be done to close pay gap (Newstalk ZB).
October 5, 2013. Group says no progress on gender pay gap (Radio NZ).
October 5, 2013.  Radio Live News updates (here and here).
August 23, 2013. Landmark ruling on equal pay welcomed (NZ Newswire).
August 1 2013.  Pay gap not closing for young women (Fairfax).
April 17, 2013. No replacement yet for departing Jackie Blue (Newstalk ZB).
February 18, 2013.  Newstalk ZB’s Tim Fookes speaks to Angela McLeod (Newstalk ZB Wellington)

November 30, 2012. Pay equity plea to Govt (APNZ/NZ Herald).
November 13, 2012.  NZ’s gender pay gap widening (TVNZ Breakfast).
November 12, 2012.  Gender pay gap widens (Radio NZ Checkpoint).

July 7, 2011.  Thompson’s comments spark gender pay debate – video (text version) (TVNZ news)
March 8 2011.  International Working Women’s Day today (Newstalk ZB).
February 18 2011.  MPs carry red bags for equal pay (NZPA) — NZPA photos

November 15/16 2010 – Ministerial change encourages lobby group (Newstalk ZB) — Pay equity group hopes Wong’s replacement is better (NZPA)
June 30 2010 – Protestors push for equal payGovt and Greens at odds over gender pay gapNZPA imagesScoop Images: Pay Equity Leave “No Stone Unturned”

December 14 2009 – Pay equity debate still raging (TVNZ News)
November 19 2009.  Pay equity – are men still being paid more than women? (3 News’ Sunrise)
November 18 2009 – Working for free day
September 18 2009  – Pay Equi-tea protest at Parliament
June 30 2009 – Pay Equity rally at Parliament on Tuesday 30 June – news digest of the day

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