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    For all enquiries, contact Eileen Brown, convenor of the Coalition, on (04) 802 3813. Email us here. Media spokesperson: Angela McLeod, on (027) 497-2761

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Women Worse Off

The latest statistics showing an apparent strong growth in jobs are no consolation to the working woman says the Pay Equity Challenge Coalition.

The Labour Market Statistics released last week include a combination of the Household Labour Force Survey and the Quarterly Employment Survey.

“The government is quick to say that the statistics show strong job growth, but we are concerned that women are worse off,” says Pay Equity Challenge Coalition spokesperson Angela McLeod.

“These latest figures show us that the average weekly earnings for women are 87% that of men – and that’s as bad as ever. This inequality is hurting women and families, is no good for the economy and is downright unfair.”

“In the government’s own public service the hourly pay gap is 14.1% and today women in the public service will effectively be working for free until the end of the financial year.  “There is no reason why women can’t earn 100%. “When is this government going to front up and make it right?” asks Ms McLeod.



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